7 of the best bread making books

If you’re starting out as a bread maker or you’re looking for tips and recipes to improve your skills, having some good bread-making books on your bookshelf is a great way to start.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 of the best bread making books which I have reviewed and recommend. All of which are available to buy from Amazon and you can preview the kindle version via the images below.

A bread making book is a perfect gift for a baking friend or family member who loves to bake their own bread at home.

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Paul Hollywood bread making books

Paul Hollywood is probably the king of bread making, made famous on the TV show Great British Bake Off, he also had his own BBC TV show based around bread.

Paul started baking at an early age in his family bakery and went on to work in some prestigious restaurants across the country.

His bread making experience is invaluable and his books are a must for bread makers and bakers at all levels. Here are my top three Paul Hollywood picks:

Paul Hollywood’s Bread

Paul Hollywoods ‘Bread book’ accompanies his BBC 2 show, which covers bread recipes, bread making tips, recipes that go with bread and recipes that use bread as the main ingredient.

Good for: bakers who want more than just bread recipes.


Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake

Paul Hollywoods ‘How to Bake’ book is all about how to bake and about half of the book is dedicated to bread recipes, tips and techniques.  The other half is dedicated to cake and pastry recipes.  This is a real go-to book for fundamental baking techniques. 

Good for: bakers who want to progress their bread-making skills and want a mix of baking recipes.


Paul Hollywood’s 100 great breads

Paul Hollywood’s 100 great breads, showcases various bread recipes, including traditional, Mediterranean and ancient breads.  With recipes for savoury and sweet breads along with tips and techniques from the master baker himself.

Good for: Beginner bread makers looking for bread making tips and recipes.


Brilliant Bread by James Morton

Moving away from Paul Hollywood and onto James Morton.  James was a finalist on the 2012 series of Great British Bake Off.  His book ‘Brilliant Bread’ makes bread making look easy and his easy to follow tips and recipes are perfect for bread making beginners.

Good for: Bread making beginners and those who prefer a step by step approach.


The Handmade Loaf – by Dan Lepard

Dan Lepard is an Australian baker and celebrity chef who’s passion is bread making.  His book ‘The Handmade Loaf’ is all about bread and is packed full of bread recipes from across the world.

Dan shares his unique tips and techniques on how to make the best and most flavoursome bread. 

Good for: Home bakers who are looking make artisan bread and to perfect their skills.


Bread Making for Beginners – by Bonnie Ohara

Bonnie Ohara’s Bread Making for Beginners, specifically targets those who’re new to bread making and are looking for easy step by step instructions. 

This book helps you find out the science behind bread making, teaches you how to make the basis of good bread and helps you with common bread making mistakes.

Good for: Bread making beginners who are looking for step by step instructions of bread-making basics.


Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

Ken Forkish is an award-winning American Baker and food writer. 

In his book ‘Flour Water Salt Yeast’ he teaches his readers how to create perfect bread and pizza doughs.  Along with the science behind what it takes to make the best dough and shows you how to make your own custom dough.

Good for: Artisan bread makers looking to improve their skills and bread-making beginners.



I hope this page has helped you to find your perfect bread making book. 

Reading different bakers techniques and tips is a good way to get started on your bread making journey or just to improve your skills. 

Ultimately, everyone has their own way of doing things when it comes to bread-making and once you’ve found your way it’s a skill you can keep for life.

Rachel Jones

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