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About Loafy Bread

Hi, I’m Rachel Jones, the founder and author of Loafy Bread, here’s a little bit about Loafy Bread and how it all started.  

I’ve been baking bread for nearly 20 years now and I’ve also baked on a professional level, but I no longer do that, because it’s physically exhausting! I still bake and cook all the time for my family and friends and to create new recipes for this site.

Bread is in my genes, I was brought up on homemade bread and most of my close family are keen bakers, so my baking skills just happened naturally and have developed over time.

I decided to create Loafy Bread, to combine my two passions – baking bread and website design.  So, I’m steadily building a recipe archive to share with my readers in an easy to follow format, which I hope can be tried and enjoyed by my readers.

I’ve also created another food-related website, with the aim of helping readers with food weights for cooking and calorie counting.

Why I love baking bread

You can’t beat the smells and taste of freshly cooked bread.  Baking is the best way to unwind and it doesn’t have to look like its come from a Michelin stared chef, it can be rustic and still taste amazing!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a local artisan bakery, finding decent bread to buy these days isn’t easy, especially in the supermarkets.

That’s why having the skills to make your own is so important in keeping old traditions alive.

Creating something really tasty from just a few simple ingredients is so rewarding and definitely worth learning even if you’ve never made bread before, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. 

Ready to start baking?

Find out more about my recipes, from traditional breads, sourdough to leftover bread recipes and desert.

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