Everything you need to know about homemade bread

Bread making tips and techniques

Bread making tips and techniques

Find out more about bread making tips and techniques to help you make the perfect homemade bread.

Including step by step guides for each technique and tips to make bread-making easy. See all bread-making tips and techniques articles here.

Bread types and their uses

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Everything you need to know about many bread types from around the word and their uses.

Find out how they can be made and used in everyday meals. See all bread types and their uses articles here.

Bread making tools and equipment

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Find out which bread-making tools and equipment you need to make bread, from essential to just good to have.

Equipment for all experience and budgets, including comparisons, reviews and recommendations. See all bread-making tools and equipment articles here.

Homemade bread ingredients

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Everything you need to know about bread making ingredients, from basic bread ingredients to artisan bread flours.

Find out how to use, choose and buy the best bread making ingredients along with why you need them. See all homemade bread ingredients here.

Bread recipes & ways to use bread

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Easy to follow recipes on how to make bread, recipes which use leftover bread and tasty ideas which just go well with bread.

Recipes include nutritional values and easy step by step instructions.

Including traditional bread recipes, Italian bread, soda bread, sourdough and much much more. See all bread recipes here.

Storing homemade bread & ingredients

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Find out the best ways to keep homemade bread fresher for longer, including tips on added ingredients which can keep bread fresh and the best storage products.

Also, find out the best ways to store bread-making ingredients to avoid waste or contamination. See all storing homemade bread and ingredients articles here.

Bread-making gifts for bakers

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See the latest bread-making related equipment gadgets for bakers and bread makers.

Find the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion. See the bread-making gift articles here.

The best bread making books

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The best bread making books for bakers at all levels. 

Including well-known celebrity bakers and chefs who have written bread-related bread books which are packed full of tips and recipes. See my recommended bread books here.

Using bread

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As well as tips on making bread I’ve put together some articles on how to use bread along with cooking various bread products.

Including tips on alternative ways to use and toast various types of bread. See the articles on using bread here.