Do You Need to Heat Wraps and Tortillas? 5 Proven Options

Wraps as a sandwich bread are becoming increasingly popular and are now available in various flour types to produce different flavours and colours, wraps are a versatile bread for many types of fillings.

There is some misconception around whether or not a wrap should be heated or not before it’s eaten along with whether the wrap is fully cooked when bought from a shop or store.

In short, most wraps which you buy are pre-cooked so they can be safely eaten without heating them up. This said, in many cases heating up a wrap can help to enhance the texture and taste of the wrap which can benefit some wrap-based dishes.

Read on to find out more about how heating wraps in various ways can help to enhance flavour and texture along with some tips on ways to produce the best results when heating wraps.

Can You Eat Wheat and Corn Flour Tortilla Wraps Cold?

Wraps are made using a simple recipe which main ingredients are flour (such as cornflour, white wheat flour and wholemeal wheat flour) and water.

They’re then rolled out very thinly before being pre-cooked on each side, to cook them through.

Provided the wrap has been cooked through, then it can be eaten cold as it is or it can be cooked to create extra colour and flavour and then cooled to be eaten later. Cold wraps work well if you’re using cold fillings to prevent the fillings from getting soggy.

Because wraps work well served cold, they’re good for packed lunches and picnics and can also be stored in the fridge once they’re filled.

Are Store Bought Wraps and Tortillas Fully Cooked?

Although they often look pale when you buy them, store-bought wraps are usually cooked through before they’re packaged for sale. The dough used for wraps takes very little cooking so the factory cooking is enough to cook but not brown the wraps.

There might be some brands available around the world which are an exception to this rule, so if in doubt, check the packet to make sure they can be eaten straight from the packet without heating.

To make a wrap more flavoursome and to improve the colour and texture wraps are even better heated, especially if you’re filling them with something hot. Read on to find more information on the best ways to cook a tortilla wrap.

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The Best Ways to Heat a Tortilla Wrap

Wraps warm through very quickly, so there are many ways you can quickly warm them through.

Some methods are good for warming and softening, whereas some will produce extra colour and crispiness depending on what you’re using them for.

Here are some examples of how you can heat your wraps:

1- In an oven

Wraps work well heated up in the oven, especially if you already have it on for other elements of the meal.

If I only need to head one or two wraps I just throw them into the oven, straight onto the racks or a pre-heated tray for a few minutes until heated through but still soft.

If you want to heat a pile of wraps in the oven the best way to do this is by wrapping them in foil to keep in the moisture and then place into the oven for around 8-10 minutes at 200°C/392°F.

Carefully open up the foil and serve.

2 – In an microwave

Heating wraps in a microwave is quick and easy, just place them on a microwavable plate or bowl, cover with cling film and cook on high for 1-2 minutes depending on how many wraps you need to heat.

For added softness and to create steam, sprinkle or spray on a little water first, taking care of the hot steam when you open them up to serve.

3 – On a hotplate, griddle or pan

You can also heat a wrap directly onto a dry hot plate, pan or griddle to create some brownness while still retaining some softness so they’re flexible enough to fold.

Creating a bit of colour and texture is a great way to create extra flavour, especially if you’re using hot fillings.

Image of chargrilled wraps

4 – Over a fire or barbecue

Just like the method above, you can get extra flavour by heating up your wraps on a barbecue to serve with whatever else you’re cooking on there.

This method is a quick and easy way to serve your barbecued food, such as grilled chicken and chargrilled vegetables.

5 – Under a grill

If you have a grill inside your oven, you can heat your wraps on here too. Place on a grill pan or tray and cook on each side until they have a little colour but are flexible enough to fold.

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